Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity DNA Testing
From personal DNA tests to legal and non-traditional testing, we offer a wide range of accurate DNA testing to give you peace of mind.

For Faster Paternity Answers!

Every paternity testing situation is unique and different. Therefore, our paternity experts guide you to choose the right test for you. We strive to provide you smooth customer experience and faster results with complete confidentiality. Accurate DNA testing is a one-stop solution for all your DNA testing needs.

Personal DNA Testing

Get your peace of mind with secure and confidential results!

If you want paternity answers to satisfy your curiosity or for your peace of mind, then a Personal paternity DNA test is the one for you. The results of personal DNA testing are not legally defensible and meant for personal use only. But why waste your money on a DNA paternity test getting analyzed at a non-accredited laboratory without stringent quality standards and risk getting false results? Why trust those store bough kits, our partner laboratory is  AABB accredited and guarantee the accuracy and privacy of your test results.

A personal DNA test can be performed at one of our collection sites throughout the U.S. or in the privacy of your home with the free home DNA testing kit we provide.

How to perform a DNA test at home?

Step 1: Get in touch with us to place your order.

Our paternity experts will explain the entire process, cost involved, timeline, and guide you to choose the right DNA test for your unique personal situation. After getting order confirmation, we ship the DNA test kit right at your door.

Step 2: Collect DNA sample at your home

It is easy to collect a DNA sample with a simple cheek swab method. Courier your sample to us using the prepaid envelope included in your DNA test kit.

Step 3: Get your results fast and safe

We have placed stringent quality standards to ensure the accuracy of your test result. We take extra measures to maintain the privacy of all individuals and parties involved in testing. After 1-2 days of the testing process begins, we either courier or email test results as per your order request.

Legal Paternity DNA testing

Most Definitive Proof of Paternity!

We offer legal paternity DNA testing that is admissible in court and legally defensible. Our affiliate AABB accredited laboratory uses the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage with strict quality controls. A child inherits half DNA material from biological mother and another half from biological father. Paternity DNA testing compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of an alleged father. The probability of paternity is 0% when the alleged father is not biologically related to the child. We achieve a probability of paternity greater than 99.9% when the alleged father is proven to be the father of the child. We endeavor to provide the best service experience with a fast, easy, and painless DNA sample collection procedure. A Q-tip like cotton swab is used to collect the sample from inside of the cheek. This sample is then courier expressed to the laboratory for next day delivery and analysis.

Legal DNA Paternity Test results can be used as a legal document for the following:

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Immigration
  • Birth Certificate
  • Tax Forms
  • Will / Estate
  • Court Order
  • Adoption
  • Legal reasons

Non-traditional Paternity Testing

Non-traditional DNA test offers you option of performing a paternity test with toothbrushes, fingernails, hair, and other such samples. This paternity testing method is as effective as others and produces results that are accurate and reliable.

We are a more trusted paternity testing facility in California.

We offer all types of paternity testing services nationwide throughout the U.S. that include personal, legal, and non-traditional DNA testing throughout California. With our paternity testing solutions, we cater to the DNA testing needs of people of Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Fresno, Irvine, Long Beach, Modesto, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, Stockton, Tracy, Vallejo and other major cities of California. We are committed to providing you paternity answers with utmost accuracy and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

DNA test for paternity determines the biological father of a child. The procedure involves collecting and comparing the DNA sample of a child with that of a baby. DNA is a unique genetic “fingerprint” that makes up a person’s genes and chromosomes. When a child is conceived, the mother passes half of the genetic material, and the father passes another half. We achieve a probability of paternity greater than 99.9% when the alleged father is indeed the biological father of the baby.

Commonly, paternity testing involves blood cells and tissues from inside of the cheek as DNA samples. We use the cheek swab method which is relatively fast, easy, and painless.

It can confirm that an alleged man is likely to be a father with an accuracy greater than 99.9% or exclude him from being a father with 100% surety.

After the DNA sample collection, it usually takes 2-3 business days to get the test results.

For legal DNA testing, all involved parties must get their DNA samples collected at a certified facility such as a hospital or medical office. While this is not mandatory for personal DNA testing. Legal paternity test results are court-admissible and legally defensible while personal paternity test results are not used for legal purposes. 

A paternity DNA test cost depends on your unique situation and requirement. Our paternity experts are always ready to guide you to choose the right test within your budget.

This depends on your situation and purpose. If it is just for curiosity or peace of mind, then we suggest personal DNA testing in such cases. Whoever, if need to submit paternity testing results in court or use it as a legal document, then we recommend legal DNA testing.

We promise to offer:

  • 100% confidentiality.
  • Accurate test results.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Stringent quality standards
  • Easy and painless DNA collection
  • Labs throughout the U.S.

Our paternity DNA testing is available in all 50 states of the U.S. We are the most recommended DNA testing service provider in California covering all major cities such as Oakland, San Francisco, Fairfield, Inglewood, Modesto, Riverside, San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Concord, Stockton, Vallejo, etc.

Maternity DNA Testing

Maternity DNA Testing

A maternity DNA test determines whether a woman is a child’s biological mother. While similar to a paternity test, it compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of the alleged mother to determine how likely it is that the child has inherited the suspected mother’s DNA.

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